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Whether you're a first time buyer or a seasoned flier, deciding to purchase an aircraft can quickly raise a lot of questions. What is an appropriate aircraft type for my skill level? What are the advantages, or disadvantages of buying a higher time aircraft? Am I ready for a multi engine aircraft? How much will this aircraft cost to maintain?

From selection of a suitable aircraft, to the familiarization flights, we can help you find a model of airplane that meets your needs and budget.

Once a suitable type has been identified, we can help you find all available aircraft in the marketplace and then make recommendations on which ones would be right for you.

Our pre-purchase inspection service is highly recommended when acquiring a new aircraft. Having a knowledgeable insight on the aircraft will allow you to make an educated purchase offer, and more importantly, avoid any surprises that might leave you with costly repairs.

Aircraft Acquisition is just one aspect of the purchasing process. If the aircraft is located abroad, than we can also help you with the importation process. Don't forget, we even offer aircraft management services!

With AvWorks Aerospace, aircraft ownership can be a more enjoyable experience!

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